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Mattar Paneer

I generally follow the rule of moderation, except of course for sugar which I have banished from my household after it caused such massive grief. But paneer is one of my vices. I could eat a block of paneer with salt and pepper in a single sitting. Maybe with a little cayenne pepper to add a little kick. I really could. For those who are scratching their heads, paneer is the absolute best part of milk. You start with super fatty whole milk. And then you curdle it to separate the milk solids (aka – milk fats) from the watery liquid. THEN, you proceed to drip out the last remaining bits of liquid because really, it just gets in the way of the good stuff. THAT my friends is paneer. Pure, unadulterated milk fats. Yum.

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Green Beans and Carrot Subzi

You know the typical grandmothers. They bend over backwards to make their grandkids smile. I know grandmothers who travel hundreds of miles to get that best gift for the kid. I know grandmothers who choose a larger car — so that the kids can have a place to sit when they visit those few times a year. I know grandmothers who will learn a new language in their golden years so that they can communicate better with their grandkids. I know grandmothers who will create a storm of cooking in the kitchen at every whim of the kid. I know grandmothers who will scold the kid’s parents for being “too hard”.

Since I have zero experience in being a grandmother I really can’t tell you what makes them do this. It’s odd – but boy do I relish in this love!

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H’s Grilled Stuffed Portobello Mushroom

Do you have recipes that you eat like maybe once a year but when you do it’s because you have an intense craving for it? This recipe is like that for me. I think I’ve had it a total of 4 times in my life. And it’s really not my recipe. It’s Sonia’s husband’s. And I’m sure he’ll pass on the claim-to-fame to someone else given how humble he is.

The first time I had it was at Sonia’s place. Sonia’s hubby made these as a BBQ option for the vegetarians. At the time I didn’t even eat fish.. so to me BBQs were a social event that I went to fully stuffed because I knew the food would just be so bad for vegetarians. This dish is what made me rethink BBQs. Really it’s such a powerful dish with such powerful flavors!

In fact I remember it was so good that I took some of the leftovers home for my little brother. And he loved it. So this holiday season, while my little bro was visiting, we had that intense craving again. So we cooked up H’s stuffed portobello mushroom. Devine!!!

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Cauliflower Mash – Great Option to Starchy Mashed Potatoes

About a year ago I switched from being on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) to being gluten free, sugar free. It was a tough decision to switch because I wasn’t sure if I was about to undo on all the hard work that went into healing my gut. But after getting to a really stable point, I made the jump. So far everything has held up just fine!

While being on SCD, I missed starches. Especially in the beginning when I was sick like a dog and my comfort food happened to be starches galore – pasta and potatoes any day! For those who aren’t familiar with SCD – you basically cut out all complex carbs in an attempt to heal your gut.

To curb my cravings I started using tricks to fool myself into thinking I was eating one thing when in actuality I wasn’t. Most times I failed miserably. I enjoyed the real foods I was eating.. but honestly I found it hard to make one thing taste like something else. Especially when at the the time I considered cooking a “special event”, definitely not a daily activity like today. Despite failing over and over again to fool myself Read More