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Cherry Tomato Salad on Bagel Chips

So I just made up a random name… I had no clue what to call this thing! Tomatoes on a chip? Basil-Tomato mix on a bagel chip?

My family had a crazy amount of tomatoes, fresh, from our garden this summer. Add to that my son AND hubby dearest are huge tomato fans… needless to say, I thought we sort of went over the top, but I don’t think either of them will agree with me 🙂 The classic combination of tomatoes and basil with olive oil and balsamic vinegar was a staple in my household this entire summer! H is the official tomato basil salad maker of the house! But on this one occasion, we were starving around 4 in the afternoon after having had a light Saturday brunch, and didn’t know what to snack on. I saw our pretty little cherry tomatoes, and ofcourse my pre-programmed brain thought of basil and our usual… but to give it some pizazz I thought of topping them off onto bagel chips… so tadaa! We ate healthy, and tamed our devilish cravings to go all out on junk food by having some chips in there! A good compromise! 😀

You’ll notice, I have a lot Read More


Kanda nu Kachumber

“Kanda nu Kachumber” is Gujarati (the native language of the state of Gujarat, India) for “Onion Salad”. Now like most “Kachumber’s” from India, this one has yogurt too. This is H’s recipe and a super comfort food for me. Yes I know, this picture officially wins the award for “Sonia’s Worst Picture Ever!”, but do give this salad a chance. It is perfect with any Indian rice dish and with only a few ingredients (yes, few for Indian dishes :P), the complexity of flavors that you reach is pretty awesome. Then again, I am biased and I love this simple yogurt-onion salad that H makes!

I’ve been out for a few weeks now, and I hope someone noticed! (Sonia kneeling on the floor!) The first week, I was a bit of a nervous wreck because I was going to get a laproscopic procedure done, yes I’m a bit of a chicken, I was readying the house like I won’t be able to function for a month, got the house cleaned, stocked up the pantry and cooked meals, did all loads of laundry, got my hair done, wanted a pedicure, but apparently you have to take the nail polish off cause they want Read More


Sesame Asparagus Salad

So I have a confession to make. In case you hadn’t noticed, asparagus has become my go-to vegetable for the season ;)! I’ve made a cheese dip with it, a pizza (yet to be perfected :P), even given it an Indian treatment and now an Asian take on it to add to the list! As I mostly do, I started out trying to make a Spring Asparagus Salad. but ended up with something quite different. Again, because I was missing a few ingredients! 🙂

I made this salad on a lazy Sunday afternoon when H & I had worked through lunch. We weren’t really in the mood for lunch and a simple snack would not have been enough. You’d think this salad isn’t filling, but the nuts(sesame, peanuts and sunflower seeds) in the recipe, really fill you up nicely! Granted you might want to do dinner sooner, but hey! it is better than doing 2 lunches which tends to happen when you skip a meal like lunch.

Now swap steps (2) and (4) when you cook. Einstein-y me boiled it first and then tried cutting it into smaller pieces. Since it had become a bit soft, it was harder to cut at Read More


Tomato Onion Koshimbir (Salad)

I’ve noticed that generally people fall into one of two categories when they’re eating something they really enjoy. Either they savor it by eating it a crumb at a time to make the experience last for as long as they can or they gobble it down as quickly as they can because they just can’t resist it. I normally fall into the category of the person who tries to prolong the experience. If I have multiple things to eat, the one that is last on my plate is the one that I treasure the most. It’s the one that I want lingering in my mouth minutes after I walk away from the table. It’s the one that I appreciate like a wine connoisseur – rolling it on my tongue so that I can enjoy it’s full impact.

My behavior changes completely when it comes to the Tomato Onion Koshimbir. When I’m eating this dish, it really is like a mad dash to get it down my throat as quickly as I can. I’m not sure if it’s the amazing combination of juicy tomatoes and spicy onions or if it’s just that everyone in my family loves it, so the only way to Read More