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Simple Yellow Rice

I called this recipe Simple Yellow Rice but frankly, it’s not really simple. Simple and quick to make, yes, but the aroma and flavors that you achieve are so flavorful and comforting… and that is why I called it simple! Some of the simple joys of life are so very comforting now, aren’t they?

I grew up in Pune a town close to Bombay (Mumbai, as it is now known) and we are pretty close to the South of India. For the North Indians we are already in the South and for the South Indians, we are in the north, geographically. As I write this, I remembered a funny conversation I had with someone a while back where we argued for a good few minutes about where Pune was on the map of India and it was hilarious now when I think about it, because we were both passionately going at it about the geographical location of Pune.

So, the point of that little story was that growing up *close* to the southern states of India, I was exposed to a lot of South Indian food. Funnily enough, even though I saw “Yellow Rice or Lemon Rice” on menus in restaurants, and ate Read More


Khichadi (Indian Rice and Lentils) & Birbal

For this month’s ‘Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free’, Zoe from Z’s Cup of Tea set the theme to be ‘Fictional Food – Treats and Dishes from Children’s Stories’.

When I read the story, I really thought I would end up making ‘Curds and Whey’ from the children’s poetry ‘Little Miss Muffet’. But as I thought about the stories I really read a lot of when I was very little.. Miss Muffet was really not it. In fact I think I didn’t know of Miss Muffet until I was in my pre-teens. I think it was when I was reading books to my younger brother!

I decided to put a little more thought into this idea.

When I was very young I used to read (and be read to) the short stories of Akbar and Birbal. Although the stories are fictional, they are based on historic personalities. Akbar is a Mughal Emperor who ruled over the Mughal Empire in India during the 1500s. Birbal was the Grand Vizier of the Mughal court.

Generally every story with these “dynamic duo” followed the format of Akbar posing a question of morality or a brain teaser of sorts and Birbal devised a clever way to respond. Read More


Poha (Flattened Rice)

I love road trips.. but I’m really a poor planner when it comes to food. I simply assume that I will of course find something to eat along the way. After all – living in America, this isn’t a far-fetched assumption. Well – when you’re driving through farmland, it’s a little harder to find a restaurant. Especially when you have a group that has some serious diet restrictions – like gluten free, vegetarian, sugar free, processed food free and of course it has to be tasty. 🙂 So the other day when I reached my destination – I was starving! And I’m not a good person to be around when I’m hungry. The fact that my husband says in a panicked tone – “The dragon is loose!” – says it all. LOL. It’s true. When I get hungry you better get me some good food quick otherwise “the dragon” really does come out.Luckily for me, my mom happened to be one of my travel companions. She served this dish to ravaging me in about 20 minutes. It was sooo good.

Poha is a super traditional breakfast item in India. As all good indian recipes, everyone had their own variations. A very Read More


Curd Rice

Let me start out by giving a TMI alert. This post is going to talk about tummy trouble and a classic south Indian dish which soothes it. So if you are sitting with food, reading this post, you have been warned!

Now this holiday season was bad for me. I started out with diarrhea (Yes, I’ve just told the world! eww, right?) then it went on to a cold, then infection, finally antibiotics! The moment you tell an Indian mommy that you have tummy trouble, she’ll sympathize and ask you if you are eating curd rice. It is almost a rule and, yes, I am generalizing here but it is something that pretty much any Indian kid has had growing up. To add to that, I now realize, modern medicine actually supports this dish too. If you have the stomach flu, doctors advise you to eat starchy foods, so there is your rice and since you are killing bad *AND* good bacteria when you take antibiotics, the probiotics from yogurt would actually help replenish the good bacteria in your gut. All in all, there is some logic and sense to the old traditions that you’ve grown up with. I never really paid Read More