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H’s Grilled Stuffed Portobello Mushroom

Do you have recipes that you eat like maybe once a year but when you do it’s because you have an intense craving for it? This recipe is like that for me. I think I’ve had it a total of 4 times in my life. And it’s really not my recipe. It’s Sonia’s husband’s. And I’m sure he’ll pass on the claim-to-fame to someone else given how humble he is.

The first time I had it was at Sonia’s place. Sonia’s hubby made these as a BBQ option for the vegetarians. At the time I didn’t even eat fish.. so to me BBQs were a social event that I went to fully stuffed because I knew the food would just be so bad for vegetarians. This dish is what made me rethink BBQs. Really it’s such a powerful dish with such powerful flavors!

In fact I remember it was so good that I took some of the leftovers home for my little brother. And he loved it. So this holiday season, while my little bro was visiting, we had that intense craving again. So we cooked up H’s stuffed portobello mushroom. Devine!!!

I’ve made this dish on the “official BBQ outdoor” grill.. but Read More


Curd Rice

Let me start out by giving a TMI alert. This post is going to talk about tummy trouble and a classic south Indian dish which soothes it. So if you are sitting with food, reading this post, you have been warned!

Now this holiday season was bad for me. I started out with diarrhea (Yes, I’ve just told the world! eww, right?) then it went on to a cold, then infection, finally antibiotics! The moment you tell an Indian mommy that you have tummy trouble, she’ll sympathize and ask you if you are eating curd rice. It is almost a rule and, yes, I am generalizing here but it is something that pretty much any Indian kid has had growing up. To add to that, I now realize, modern medicine actually supports this dish too. If you have the stomach flu, doctors advise you to eat starchy foods, so there is your rice and since you are killing bad *AND* good bacteria when you take antibiotics, the probiotics from yogurt would actually help replenish the good bacteria in your gut. All in all, there is some logic and sense to the old traditions that you’ve grown up with. I never really paid Read More


Chole (With Spice Mix From Scratch!)

I have a problem. I like to experiment with my guests. I really do. It’s odd and probably really unnerving for my dinner guests. I mean can you imagine being the guinea pig? Before you get all sweet and nice on me and say – “Raj – I would love to be invited to your culinary experiments”.. let me warn you. The first time I made chilli was when my brother-in-law was visiting me. Let’s just say I got lucky – his mother happened to be a kitchen experimenter too and that recipe will not be appearing on this blog unless Sonia decides to blog a chilli.

But what can I say? People inspire me to be better (hopefully), to be bolder, to be a scientist and well.. to tinker. So when I invited my friends over to my home for the first time the other night – I decided to let my experimenter loose. We were a total of 11 adults and 3 kids. And all of them were driving for over 4 hours to get to my home. I knew it was likely that each group would arrive independently so I wanted to cook something that just got better Read More


Sweet and Spicy Roasted Acorn Squash

Alright, it’s winter!

What?! But it’s ONLY October!!

Yeah – I was surprised too to get up this morning to one inch of snow on my little car. As I look outside now the snow-hail is still bouncing off the windows.. and the mountains around me are cloaked in a pure white bed sheet. It’s quite beautiful.. but socking! When I started my fireplace this morning for the first time this season – I thought “Am I really going to have a white Halloween this year?!”. LOL.

I’m sure you’re experiencing a shift in season as well. Hopefully not as drastic as mine but perhaps a little change of color. Or maybe if you’re in the southern hemisphere you’re starting to get the spring flowers or the warm breezes as the summer begins? I’m seeing similar shifts in the produce I buy. One big change is that when the weather starts getting cooler, I start purchasing more squashes. Their warmth and smooth thick texture makes a perfect cool (or cold in my case) weather meal.

If you enjoy polar opposite flavors in a single dish then you will love this recipe. The slight spiciness from the pepper flakes mingles wonderfully with the sweet Read More