Lentil Spinach Soup


I know this is going to sound really geeky but for most of the year when I was on SCD I maintained an excel spreadsheet to monitor my recovery. Well, at the time it was to monitor my sickness really. Once I decided that what I ate was affecting me for better or for worse, I knew I had to track what I ate. It was a pretty simple spreadsheet:

Recently I had a reader reach out to me about starting SCD. She asked me what I ate during the first week. Many of you are thinking — just do what the book says! Well, its not so simple if you’re vegetarian. Yup, I did SCD diet while being primarily vegetarian. Anyhow, since it’s been quite some time since I started SCD, my memory on it was pretty bleak. Luckily I still had my spreadsheet and could tell her exactly what I ate and the recipes that went with it!

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