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Lazy Apple Oatmeal Crisp (Gluten Free)

When I first moved to snow country the one piece of advice that was repeated to me over and over again was “the key is layers”. “The key is layers”. “The key is layers”. When it comes to snow, the key really is layers. And honestly it’s really hard to forget the mantra. The moment you do, a gush of cold wind will find the tiny crack between your pants and sweater and that’s the end of your warmth and the end of forgetting that “the key is layers”.

My little brother (L-bro) is visiting me right now. And as all the guests who visit me – he must, absolutely must, cook either for me or at least with me. It’s my very own private continuing education. This summer alone I’ve learned so much; like a way better way to cut coriander. I will have to share that the next time I have a coriander based recipe to share with you. Anyhow, coming back to my brother. L-bro loves to cook. Err.. Let me correct that. Lately L-bro loves to cook something new. So today we decided to make apple pie since neither one of us has ever made it. After putting google’s system to the max with our “apple pie” searches, we decided we were much too tired (read: “lazy”) to deal with making a crust.

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Sugar Free Sandesh

The older I get, the more I realize what sacrifices my mom made while I was growing up. If I had to describe what she did in a sentence she pretty much walked in snow, up hill, both ways while dragging the entire kid crew along on a sled. Heh.

I’m seriously not kidding. I’m amazed at how she managed to work full time at least 6 days a week (often 7) taking public transportation to get there. Raised 3 kids. Made sure we were enrolled in the best school possible. Made sure we were enrolled in plenty of extra circular activities. Cooked home made food practically every night. And always with a smile on her face. And always with the attitude that she could always squeeze in time to help someone else. I honestly don’t appreciate her enough but I do think of this once in a while and I’m just shocked and in awe. She was my age when she was already doing all this, but when I grow up, I hope I measure up somewhat.

My mom is quite a fabulous cook who loves to feed. I’m not being gushy or overly sentimental. I lived at home when I Read More


Coconut Cashew Sheera – A Quick Indian Dessert

Oh how I wish I had created this recipe when I was still on the SCD diet! Yes – not only is this recipe gluten free and sugar free but it is indeed SCD compliant!

Sheera is an easy indian dish that I like to call dessert but to many it’s breakfast. Sheera can be made with a variety of ingredients. The most common sheera that I know of is made with Semolina which is a very gritty flour, usually made from wheat. This is one of the Indian dishes I hold closest to my heart. In fact when I was a little kid I would pester my mom to make the wheat version of sheera for my birthday instead of cake. She would mould it into a nice round shape and stick a massive candle on it. Oh.. I even remember one time she shaped it into a heart. What amazing memories. So it’s been quite a sad sacrifice for me to forgo sheera since I’ve become gluten free.

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A Thanksgiving Must: Pumpkin Pie (Gluten Free, Sugar Free)

Pumpkin is such an iconic symbol of Thanksgiving that I want my Thanksgiving dinner finale to really capture it’s essence. What better way to do that than with a pumpkin pie? So as usual I went online and looked up pumpkin pies by visiting some of my favorite gluten free blogs. So many of them are filled with amazing pie crusts. Made with customized flour blends and roasted sugar pumpkins and fresh spices. I was seriously drooling.

At the end of it all, I decided to use Gluten Free Girl and the Chef‘s recipe as my main guide. It’s filled with really wholesome ingredients. And well, I just like her blog a lot.

BUT.. yes.. the “but”.. I really didn’t feel like I had the time or energy to do everything from scratch. So yes, my recipe is sugar free unlike Gluten Free Girl’s, but I have taken some short cuts. Namely – I decided to use 100% organic canned pumpkin puree instead of roasting my own pumpkin. I also decided to make full use of my spice drawer instead of dealing with fresh herbs because of which my measurements are different than hers. Additionally I used Bob’s Red Mill biscuit and Read More