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Simple Vegetarian Tom Kha Soup

I’ve always been a fan of coconut. Growing up in India I used to relish slurping coconut water from a young coconut sliced open in font of me by a machete yielding vendor. After sucking out every last refreshing drop, I’d hand the coconut back so he could masterfully chop up the shell and scrape out the slippery young coconut flesh. This is called “malai” because it’s as tender and thin as the skin formed on top of pipping hot milk as it cools. I love coconut malai.

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Coconut Curry with Whatever Veggie You Have

What a summer it’s shaping out to be. Ever since I’ve moved to the lake, I’ve had more family and friends visit me than when I lived in one of the largest cities in the United States! It’s crazy but amazing. Not only do I have more fur-less friends coming by – but I’ve quite a few furry ones too. Most recent visitors to my porch are these adorable little squirrels. I had quite a laugh when I saw one of them shoot his tail right up into the air like an exclamation point after peering into the little dish I left out for them. Guess I really nailed the squirrel meal!

This recipe (or some variation of it) is my go to when I want to serve a dinner that is special yet easy to make. What I love about it is how easy it is to vary depending on what I happen to have in my fridge. I’ve made this with sweet potato, carrots & broccoli, peas, mixed veggies. It always turns out great. I love eating it with brown rice to add a little nutty flavor to the whole dish.

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