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Capsicum (Bell Pepper) Besan Zhunka

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Besan – a hidden Indian delicacy using gram flour. Here is another hidden gem using gram flour.

Just for a moment picture yourself as a typical Indian farmer. You wake up early in the morning – probably it’s around 5am. It’s a bit chilly at this point so you wrap your dark shawl around your shoulders. Perhaps a wool scarf around your ears – tied in a knot at the nape at your neck. Before you head out for your long physical day working your fields under the tropical Indian sun, you have to make your lunch. The lunch you’ll have sitting under the shade of a tree with the other local famers. Where you will trade news, gossip and tips. You start up the coal oven and decide to make yourself some veggies. It has to be something that can stay unrefrigerated at least till lunch.. something that you can put in a tiffin and not worry about it spilling out while you ride your bike over the bumpy dirt roads. And it should go well with the leftover Bhakri. What do you make?

You make the Capsicum Besan Zhunka.

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Black Bean Sweet Potato Soup

Spring is a weird season.. especially out where I live. Today I’m sitting on my balcony in the blazing sun writing up this blog post. I’m one of those people that gets tanned easily and burned very very infrequently. I believe it was all of two times in my entire life. Yes – you non tanners are probably thinking “lucky girl”. But there is a problem that comes with this so called “gift”… I get tan lines… in about 10 minutes of sitting in the sun my arms have all sorts of shirt lines. And don’t get me started on when I’m driving my car and the sun only comes in from one side. Ever have one arm look so unlike the other you almost feel like Frankenstein? LOL.. it’s kinda funny actually.

Anyhow, getting back to the point: spring is weird. This season I’ve already had to start my “combat” against tan lines BUT I still get those crazy days where the wind picks up, the clouds roll in and next thing you know snow is falling. SNOW! This really blows my tropical mind. Not to mention body. To combat the last cold snow day, I made this hearty soup. It’s Read More