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Green Beans and Carrot Subzi

You know the typical grandmothers. They bend over backwards to make their grandkids smile. I know grandmothers who travel hundreds of miles to get that best gift for the kid. I know grandmothers who choose a larger car — so that the kids can have a place to sit when they visit those few times a year. I know grandmothers who will learn a new language in their golden years so that they can communicate better with their grandkids. I know grandmothers who will create a storm of cooking in the kitchen at every whim of the kid. I know grandmothers who will scold the kid’s parents for being “too hard”.

Since I have zero experience in being a grandmother I really can’t tell you what makes them do this. It’s odd – but boy do I relish in this love!

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Simple Vegetarian Tom Kha Soup

I’ve always been a fan of coconut. Growing up in India I used to relish slurping coconut water from a young coconut sliced open in font of me by a machete yielding vendor. After sucking out every last refreshing drop, I’d hand the coconut back so he could masterfully chop up the shell and scrape out the slippery young coconut flesh. This is called “malai” because it’s as tender and thin as the skin formed on top of pipping hot milk as it cools. I love coconut malai.

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Lentil Spinach Soup


I know this is going to sound really geeky but for most of the year when I was on SCD I maintained an excel spreadsheet to monitor my recovery. Well, at the time it was to monitor my sickness really. Once I decided that what I ate was affecting me for better or for worse, I knew I had to track what I ate. It was a pretty simple spreadsheet:

Recently I had a reader reach out to me about starting SCD. She asked me what I ate during the first week. Many of you are thinking — just do what the book says! Well, its not so simple if you’re vegetarian. Yup, I did SCD diet while being primarily vegetarian. Anyhow, since it’s been quite some time since I started SCD, my memory on it was pretty bleak. Luckily I still had my spreadsheet and could tell her exactly what I ate and the recipes that went with it!

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Spiced Grilled Tofu

The best thing about Indian spices is that a little bit really packs in a big punch. I find tofu, much like paneer (Indian cottage cheese), makes a great base for really showcasing spices. That’s really what this dish was for me. A way to really highlight the spices that are used on a daily basis in Indian cooking. Or as my husband says – “It’s a delivery mechanism of spices”. 🙂

Today I’d like to talk about what these “daily” indian spices are… If you ever have the opportunity to cook in an Indian’s kitchen you may come across the following:

This is a spice box. It almost always looks just like this. Small removable metal containers within one large round metal container which has a lid. No, the small metal containers within don’t have lids of their own. Why would they? Remember, in Indian cooking, all these spices are used nearly on a daily basis. Which means, they finish quick and need to be replenished often.

So what are these spices you see in the magic box? Starting with the container with the spoon and moving clockwise it’s:

  • gaaram masala
  • cumin seeds
  • mustard seeds
  • coriander powder
  • cumin powder
  • cayenne pepper
  • and turmeric powder in the middle

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