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Sugar Free Sunday & America’s Addiction

Welcome to one of the sweetest weekly virtual potluck get-together ever! We host Sugar Free Sunday every week to exchange incredible sugar free recipes to inspire everyone to start the week right!

I came across this infographic at myhealtheme.com with some fascinating statistics.

[Click the image to see it enlarged]

Here are some of the most shocking:

  • “Most people eat 100% of their daily sugar allowance during breakfast.”
  • “Fat free fruit yogurt has 180% more sugar than plain greek yogurt.”
  • “The average American only eats 25 pounds of green veggies a year.” YET “The average American consumes 150 pounds of dietary sugar per year.”

Down right scary.

How do you participate in the virtual potluck?

  • Link your recipe post (NOT your homepage) if it does not use refined sugar. Your blog does not have to be entirely sugar free, just the dish you’re sharing!
  • Please link back to this get-together somewhere in your post’s text. It’s a great way to invite your readers to the fun!
  • Sign up for free to our new venture Velvet Aroma. It’s a visual way to read the blogs you love and really bring their recipes into your kitchen.
  • See all the details on our Sugar Free Sunday page.

We’re so excited to see what you’re cooking….. Sugar Free!

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15 Responses to Sugar Free Sunday & America’s Addiction

  1. This is a great weekly post. I completely agree that we do not need the extra sugar that a lot of today’s food is filled with. The world seems to be running on either sugar or caffeine or both at the same time these days. Eat clean, local and seasonal food and stay away from all that sugar loaded processed food and lead a healthier life.

    • Raj says:

      It’s an interesting comment on caffeine. In the last few years there has been an explosion of energy drinks that generally try to give you the biggest, quickest caffeine hit possible. Sure – there are times when I can see needing the extra boost (for example a solider in a war zone).. but I’m seeing people chug these things down just so they can dance a little longer. It’s going to be interesting to see the aftermath of this in the next few decades.

      Completely agree with the simplicity involved with leading a healthier life. The choice is much easier than most people think.

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  3. Laura West Kong says:

    Those are some truly scary stats about sugar!

    The great thing is, food tastes marvelous without all that added sugar. I’ve shared my Pumpkin Pie Smoothie today, no refined, artificial, or concentrated sweeteners, only fruit!

    • Raj says:

      Beautiful smoothie! You are absolutely right – food does taste marvelous without all that extra unnecessary stuff. What I’ve realized since I’ve cut out refined sugar is that I can actually taste better. My senses to distinguish various tastes have improved. I think it’s not only been great for my health — my body is actually becoming more alert.

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  5. you always dig up interesting goodies, and this one is no exception. None of this was surprising, although very disappointing!

    • Raj says:

      Thanks Tessa!

      I find re-reading the stats in a more digestible format like an info graphic makes it easier to remember. Even though I’ve been hosting Sugar Free Sunday for almost 2 years now — it still shocks me to see the extent at which sugar is entangled in our diets.

  6. Thanks for hosting! This week I shared my recipe for a wonderful sugar-free fruit/graham cracker dip AND a creamer for your tea or coffee!


    • Raj says:

      What a great recipe! Love dual purpose things! Btw – I updated the name of your entry — it was blank for some reason.

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