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Sugar Free Sunday & Kris Carr

Welcome to one of the sweetest weekly virtual potluck get-together ever! Today’s topic: Kris Carr. Who is she?

Kris Carr is my new hero.

To bring you up to speed real quick: Kris Carr is a fantastic woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer about 10 years ago. She embarked on a nutritional journey (involving doctors as well as self education) to transform her life. And now is helping transform many many other lives. She’s the author of Crazy, Sexy Diet – a New York Times best seller. Wrote cookbooks with crazy sexy recipes. And even has an award winning documentary. I love her energy and spirit.

Today I’d like to share with you a video interview with her on Hungry For Change where she focuses in on health, nutrition and specifically refined sugar. You can watch the entire video here. In fact, I highly recommend it.

Here are some of my thoughts around my favorite parts of the video:

1:49 – “Got curious about nutrition. But not just nutrition, What I eat; What I drink; What I think.”

I think the biggest take away from this video is the concept of focusing on the ENTIRE picture. The ENTIRE you. Not just what you eat but also what you drink and what you think.

3:27 – “Prevention is the cure. Prevention is the cure.”

The other day I was thinking about this very concept. Let’s say you buy a shiny new car. You’ll try to get the oil changed on time. Get it to the service station. Rotate the tires. It’s been taught to us. In fact there’s even this amazing manual that comes with the car telling us exactly when and how to take care of it. All this effort, time, money etc etc, put in so that the car can last for a long time with minimal problems. That’s prevention.

But when it comes to us – the most shiny beautiful machine anyone could ever have – we do exactly the opposite. We wait and wait and wait till something breaks (“Oh! My stomach it hurts like #(#&@!”) and THEN and only THEN do we run to the service guy (the doctor) and figure out how to fix (not maintain) this machine.

What’s up with that? Seems to me that we’re standing on our heads trying to drink a glass of water. Why wait till you have diabetes to reduce (even cut out) sugar?

5:52 – “There’s nothing wrong with a moderate sweet tooth. But … we need to understand what moderation is… I think we’ve lost our basic concept of moderation.”

These 10 minutes are my favorite part of the video. Please watch this part for sure. I love how she calls refined sugar “the white stuff”.

I have a BIG sweet tooth. My husband only has sweet teeth. Seriously, I don’t think he has any other kind of tooth. In my household we feed our sugar teeth using fruit, honey, more fruits, dates, cinnamon, cardamom…. I kid you not – last night I ate an entire half of a watermelon. LOL. The one thing I find interesting is that after almost 3 years of being refined sugar free – I find things like jam too sweet. Sometimes even an overripe peach is amazingly sugary. It sounds incredulous, I know, but I want you to think about it. I find peach amazingly sweet and 100% fruit jam to be unbearably sweet. If you don’t – then ask yourself why. Try to find the answer. I think it’s important to understand why your body may or may not be behaving differently. Maybe it’s time you experiment and see what happens when you cut out sugar. Pay attention and don’t gloss over what you may experience.

16:13 – “The point is to get back on the [healthy] highway.”

I’m a bit neurotic when it comes to cutting sugar out of my life. It doesn’t give me any value. It was making me sick. I am happy without it and I don’t miss it. I decided one day I’m not going to eat it and that was the end of that. But I’ve realized I’m a bit.. um.. weird? Most of my family and friends who I’ve pestered to be sugar free, haven’t. It’s not that they believe sugar is good for their health. It just hasn’t happened for various reasons… “too hard”.. “I’m addicted”.. “I love it”.. “comfort food”… “I don’t believe it’s *that* bad.”… I think for people who can’t just cut out sugar, Kris really nails the point home here. Getting back on the horse or in her words “the healthy highway” is the key. I have to agree that eating less and less sugar each day (and I hope some day none!) is better than sticking with the status quo of overindulgence. Eating no sugar at least once a week (SUGARFREE SUNDAYS!!) is great! The point is to get back on the horse… get back on the healthy highway.

There are so many more great words of wisdom in this video. Please take time to watch. I think it’s inspiring. Although, I’ve highlighted a lot of her sugar points here, she addresses much much more than sugar…

So.. what are you cooking sugar free this week? Can’t wait to see what you have to share!

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5 Responses to Sugar Free Sunday & Kris Carr

  1. Foy Update says:

    I’m sharing what’s going on in my kitchen and at the co-op in “Harvest Time” and then the crunchiest apple crisp recipe you could ask for and finally how to freeze a bumper crop of peppers.

    Thanks for hosting!

    We also host a blog hop called Eat Make Grow we are always looking for folks who write about gardening, cooking, crafting and kids to link up.

    Stop on by if you get the chance:


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  3. I posted my name instead of the dish’s name. It’s Carrot Apple Raisin Salad with cinnamon. It’s vegan if the either the right mayo is chosen or the mayo-free version I give is made.

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