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Sugar Free Sunday & I’m back…

Welcome to one of the sweetest weekly virtual potluck get-together ever! Yes indeed — it is Sugar Free Sunday! We host it every Sunday to exchange incredible sugar free recipes. Inspiration to start the week right? You bet!

…but super jet lagged! As much as I tried to align my sleep schedule with the arrival times into both countries, it hit me bad this time. (India is approximately 12 hours ahead of the US!) I wanted to write a detailed post but I haven’t even copied over the pictures from my camera to my laptop, so for today, I’ll just give you some highlights.

  • I fell off the wagon… even before I reached India! Yes, sad isn’t it? It is a funny story though 😛
  • It was amazingly restful to have zero internet connection, and being in the middle of the mountains with a river flowing by.
  • Sweet stuff in India, like Gulab Jamun’s, a traditional Indian dessert, drenched in sugar syrup, which I thought I’d barf up (because I’ve become extremely sensitive to sweet stuff) wasn’t as sweet as coke that I tried here once after going refined sugar free!

I made some very interesting observations on my trip and I want to do justice to them by writing them all out. On that note, Happy Sunday and bring on your sugar free creations!

How do you participate in the virtual potluck?

  • Link your recipe post (NOT your homepage) if it does not use refined sugar. Your blog does not have to be entirely sugar free, just the dish you’re sharing!
  • Please link back to this get-together somewhere in your post’s text. It’s a great way to invite your readers to the fun!
  • Want to make something sweet without using refined sugar? Just check out all the ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without refined sugar here.
  • Your link doesn’t have to be to a sweet dish! We love to see your sugar free appetizers, entrees, soups, snacks — well — you get the idea!
  • Please don’t link to carnivals or giveaways. This is a party; bring a dish to share!
  • In the ‘Name’ field, please enter who you are and what you’re linking. For example Sonia would put: Bean Kale Pasta Soup [Sonia @ Flip Cookbook]
  • It’s not a party if no one chats! Please join the conversation by leaving a message in the comments section below. Also make sure you have the ‘Notify Me’ checkbox selected so that you can listen as well!
  • Sign up for free to our new venture Velvet Aroma. It’s a visual way to read the blogs you love and really bring their recipes into your kitchen.

We’re so excited to see what you’re cooking….. Sugar Free!

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15 Responses to Sugar Free Sunday & I’m back…

  1. Hi Raj and Sonia! I’ve missed your event for the past month as I’ve been preoccupied! I’m linking up my refined sugar-free energy get that I used to fuel my marathon training. It gave me just as much energy as the GUs and Hammer Gels but without the sugar. I hope it helps the athletes out there!

    • Sonia says:

      Hi Heather, I just read your post! Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment! 🙂

      Although my story is slightly different from yours, I hope to do something similar one day (soon) and since my body has started *asking* me for more fuel I’m going to give this recipe a shot. Thanks for bringing it to Sugar Free Sunday and congratulations once again! So happy for you! 🙂

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  7. Welcome home! Here’s to being back ON the bandwagon!! I gave you three recipes that should help this!

    • Sonia says:

      Hi Tessa, Thank you! 🙂

      Btw, its almost like you read my mind… I’ve been meaning to make Kale chips for a while now and I don’t need to go hunt for a recipe! 🙂

      Thanks for bringing 3 gorgeous creations. They will certainly help me stay on the bandwagon! 😀

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  10. Linnae says:

    Hi Ladies!! This week I am sharing a recipe for Strawberry Vinaigrette!


    Thanks for hosting!

    p.s. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip to India!!

    • Sonia says:

      Ooooh Yum… My hubbie dearest is going to love this dressing! He absolutely adores the strawberry spinach salad, so I’m guessing bringing those (rather similar) flavors to any salad would be huge!

      Thanks for sharing this super simple, yet yummy recipe at Sugar Free Sunday! 🙂

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