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Sugar Free Sunday & Invert Sugar

Edit: We’ve moved the Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free round up here

Welcome to one of the sweetest weekly virtual potluck get-together ever! Yes indeed — it is Sugar Free Sunday! We host it every Sunday to exchange incredible sugar free recipes. Inspiration to start the week right? You bet!

My husband and I were on a road trip recently. As always, we frequent the aisles of the gas station in the hopes of finding a new snack that we can claim healthy enough to purchase. As always we ended up clutching onto some packs of nuts and bottles of water. Then, as always, we proceeded to torture ourselves by digging through the colorful snacks we used to think were food. (I really don’t know why we do this — a bit crazy actually!) This time we ended up in front of a shelf, staring at a pack of one of our previous road trip favorites – the Swedish Fish. One way we combat the intense feeling to cheat on our diet is by going through the ingredients and remembering the reasons why we’ve decided to exclude the colorful gummy fish from our diet. This time we noticed an ingredient that made us scratch our heads — “Invert Sugar”.

As true citizens of a technically immersed society, we pulled out our internet friendly device and looked it up. Turns out inverted sugar is created by splitting the sucrose found in sugar into a mixture of glucose and fructose. Why do this? Well – it basically creates a sugary syrup that is sweeter than sugar and also is less likely to crystallize. Which makes cooking and preserving goods a lot easier. One process of making inverted sugar is quite simple – basically combining sugar with citric acid (like lemon juice).

Now heres the interesting thing — honey is considered a type of invert sugar — or similar at least. This is because honey is mostly a mixture of glucose and fructose. Another interesting thing is than when heating fruits, like when making jam, the heat along with the acid and sugar in the fruit causes the creation of invert sugar. You can read a lot more about Inverted Sugar on Wikipedia.

So — given that there are sources of natural invert sugar — did I purchase that pack of swedish fish? Oh I so DID NOT. Look at all the other stuff in the swedish fish! Sugar, Corn syrup, Artificial flavoring.

Swedish fish – you’re very cute and my memory of you is definitely filled with sugary satisfaction. But no thanks – I know a little better now.

How do you participate in the virtual potluck?

  • Link your recipe post (NOT your homepage) if it does not use refined sugar. Your blog does not have to be entirely sugar free, just the dish you’re sharing!
  • Please link back to this get-together somewhere in your post’s text. It’s a great way to invite your readers to the fun!
  • Want to make something sweet without using refined sugar? Just check out all the ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without refined sugar here.
  • Your link doesn’t have to be to a sweet dish! We love to see your sugar free appetizers, entrees, soups, snacks — well — you get the idea!
  • Please don’t link to carnivals or giveaways. This is a party; bring a dish to share!
  • In the ‘Name’ field, please enter who you are and what you’re linking. For example Sonia would put: Bean Kale Pasta Soup [Sonia @ Flip Cookbook]
  • It’s not a party if no one chats! Please join the conversation by leaving a message in the comments section below. Also make sure you have the ‘Notify Me’ checkbox selected so that you can listen as well!
  • Sign up for free to our new venture Velvet Aroma. It’s a visual way to read the blogs you love and really bring their recipes into your kitchen.

We’re so excited to see what you’re cooking….. Sugar Free!

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3 Responses to Sugar Free Sunday & Invert Sugar

  1. Tracee says:

    What a yummy round up! Thank you for hosting, I love the theme.

    • Sonia says:

      Aren’t they gorgeous? I’ve been finding excuses to come back to this page and stare at them! 😛

  2. Vicky says:

    Invert Sugar is present in a lot of packaged foods in the UK! I try avoid anything which has been processed. Honey, on the other hand, is natural and I feel far more comfortable eating a natural sweetener. Thank for the great article!

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